Horse breeds: Dales Pony

Horse breeds: Dales Pony

Origins and attitudes

This pony takes its name from the Dorigo area, the Dales, valleys on the eastern side of the Pennine Mountains (Yorkshire - England). It descends from the Celtic Pony and its massive appearance is due to the influence of the Welsh Cob. In the past it was used in mines and agriculture. With the advent of motorization, the crisis of this breed began, almost disappeared in the mid-1900s.
Saddle pony, farm work, currently used in country riding.
Sturdy, resistant, strong and frugal.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Coat: morello, bay, gray.
Height at the withers: 130-140 cm.
Average weight: 300 kg.
Quiet and sensitive character.

Dales Pony (photo

Dakes Pony (photo Darren Copley)

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