Horse breeds: Delta horse

Horse breeds: Delta horse

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Origins and attitudes

It derives directly from the Camargue horse, a breed originating in Provence and the Rhone Delta (France). From the beginning of the seventies the breed was introduced into the Po Delta Park which has close analogies with the Rhone Delta both for the characteristics of the soil and for the typical marsh vegetation.
Type: Mesomorphic.

Breed standard - Delta horse

1) AREA OF ORIGIN: Historically Provence and the Rhone Delta (France)

2) DIFFUSION AREA: since the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century the Larazza has settled permanently in the wetlands of the Po Delta (RegioneEmilia - Romagna).

3) ATTITUDE: pleasure riding and farm holidays; light shooting; saddle disciplinesportive.

a) Coat: gray
b) Conformation:
- head: well-shaped, dry, not heavy, square in shape, broad comparisons, straight or camus profile, fairly prominent orbital arches, bright eyes, mobile nostrils, well-spaced jaws, small ears, mobile and well attached;
- neck: well attached, of medium length, muscular, rightly inclined;
- withers: medium pronounced and dry;
back: well directed, of correct length, with good muscular development;
croup: well muscled, rather short and slightly inclined;
tail: rightly attached, well worn and mobile;
chest: of correct length, quite deep, well muscled;
shoulder: sufficiently inclined, of correct length, muscular;
thorax: deep and well descended between the forelimbs;
abdomen: well supported;
- thigh and buttock: of correct length, well directed, muscular, moderately convex;
limbs: of solid constitution, relatively short shin, dry tendons;
articulations: wide, well shaped, well directed;
foot: compact, well shaped, resistant, relatively wide;
appiombi: basically correct seen from the front.
c) temperament: sober, lively, agile, courageous, very robust, able to withstand bad weather.

5) BIOMETRIC DATA (expressed in cm.):
Withers height:
- Males: 138 - 148
- Females: 135 - 145
Minimum chest circumference:
- Males: 160
- Females: 155
- Males: 19
- Females: 18

- Coat: different from gray.
- Size: markedly different from the standard.

Delta horse (photo

Delta horses (photo

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