Niccolo Bartoli - Curriculum vitae

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Niccolò Bartoli

- Born in Florence on 11/14/82
- Resident in Florence - via Ricorboli n.3
- Tel. 055-689392
- E.mail [email protected]

On 19 November 2007, I obtained a specialist degree in Agrozootechnics (University of Florence - Faculty of Agriculture) with a score of 110/110 with honors. The experimental thesis entitled "Quality parameters of Cinta Senese lard in different breeding systems", supervisor Dr. Carolina Pugliese of the Department of Zootechnical Sciences, is related to the quality of the lipid component of the pigs of the breed considered; the data processed in this work come from laboratory analyzes carried out over a period of about seven months.

The Bachelor's Degree is in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies reached on 24 October 2005 (vote 107/110), at the same Faculty. The thesis created "Automated budgets: the plan of an organic livestock farm", supervisor Professor Polidori Roberto of the Department of Agricultural Economics, provided for an internship with data collection in the company and subsequent processing through an automated budget that allowed to highlight the current economic situation of the company and propose three plans to improve the production order. The company in question is the "Tenuta di Paganico" located in Paganico in the province of Grosseto.

I carried out the previous studies at the State Agricultural Technical Institute of Florence following the course with specialization in zootechnics with the diploma of AGRICULTURAL EXPERT in the school year 2000/2001 (vote 97/100). At the state exam I presented a project to change the livestock sector of the "La Valentina" farm at Talamone and a bibliographical paper on the Maremma horse.

Known languages: English
Computer skills: Microsof Word, Excel, Power Point.
Driving license: B (from 14/05/2001)

Work experiences:
Centrale del Latte Florence Pistoia Livorno S.p.a. in via dell’Olmatello, Florence.
University Internship Period: May-June 2006.
Tasks: almost all those from laboratory technician then test of alizarol, test of resazzurrine, assembly test, use of pH meter, cryoscope, titrators, Milko Scan spectrophotometer, stove for dry residue, aflatoxin detection, test tubes preparation to insert in the Rapid Automatic Bacterial Impedance Time (Rabit), sampling, antibiotic detection, marketability tests.

Tenuta di Paganico farm, Municipality of Civitella-Paganico in the province of Grosseto.
University Internship Period: September 2004 May 2005.
Tasks: for the realization of the Thesis, collection of technical-economic data starting from the compilation of technical data sheets for the purpose of quantifying the production and updating of the software used (created by Professor Roberto Polidori and by the Agronomist Luca Zammarchi). The internship also included work activities that mainly concerned cattle, then pruning an olive grove, a vineyard and other manual work.

State Agricultural Technical Institute of Florence.
Paid internship Period: summer 1997 and 1998.
Tasks: green pruning of the vine, vegetable harvesting, use of brush cutter for the company's lawns.

Laiano farm, in Barberino di Mugello, Florence.
School internship Period end of August-September 1999.
Duties: milking of sheep through the plant, transformation of part of the milk into cheeses, ricotta, raveggioli. The majority of the milk was given to the "Il Forteto" Agricultural Cooperative.

Finally I want to point out that for the realization of my paper presented at the high school exam, based on the Maremma horse, I came into contact with the company "La Valentina" which at the time held the small number of true Maremmans, the "Il Forteto" company, which owned a small number of specimens, the Maremmano National Horse Breeders Association, and also with those who created the website

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