Pigeon breeds: King

Pigeon breeds: King

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American meat and display breed among the most widespread in the world, selected in the twentieth century. The breeds that contributed to its formation are the Colombo Gallina, the Mondano, the Maltese and the Messaggero. It has highly developed muscle masses and weighs up to 900-1,000 grams.
A variety of King is self-sexable, but a little lighter (700-800 gr.). The male nestlings have white beak and very little down, the females have long and dense down and a dark gray ring in the upper tip of the beak.

Overall impression

Horizontal posture, harmonious and balanced shapes; large and wide head; short and strong beak; small caruncles; prominent and round eyes; short tail; naked tarsi, reddish.

Breed coats

White, black, dark stone, brown, red, yellow, blue with black rods and hammered, brown with rods and hammered, silver blue with rods and hammered, red with rods and hammered, yellow with rods and hammered, Andalusian, indigo with rods and scaled. There are also other cloaks, more or less rare, among which zarzano in various colors, throttle and brindle in various colors; almond (harlequin), faded with or without rods, reduced, recessive opal, dusty blue, bronze, colored shield on a white background and vice versa, etc ... Any coat not included in the official standard in the United States is admitted to exhibitions in one special class called "AOC": this includes all subjects colored with white feathers, whites with colored beak, piebald, etc.

Colombo King white (photo website)

Colombo King red hammered (website photo)

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