Pigeon breeds: Ascolano

Pigeon breeds: Ascolano

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Origin and economic characteristics

It is one of the oldest breeds of Italian pigeons, in a 1768 essay the first news is removed. It was not only bred in the Marche, but documented reports of its breeding have also been reported in central Italy, Emilia and Campania.
It is thought to be the breed from which the Romagnolo originated. Considered to have disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century, it has recently been recovered by some breeders of the Colombian Breeders Association of Piceni.

Morphological characteristics

Small head in proportion to the size of the pigeon, the beak is long, straight and thin, considering the size of the pigeon.
Wide back with hint of hump descending obliquely towards the tail. The tail is carried inclined towards the ground, almost touching it.
The legs, on average high with heavily feathered tarsi and legs (shod).
The weight goes from 850 to 950 gr.
Cloaks: white, black, red, blue, silver, flickered, laid, monacato and piebald.

Colombi Ascolani (photo Assam)

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