Dog breeds: English White Terrier

Dog breeds: English White Terrier

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

In many eighteenth century writings we speak of a white smooth-haired Terrier. The selection of the breed began in the early nineteenth century. Its morphological characteristics are fixed around the middle of the 19th century. The breed had a short existence, which ran from about 1860 to 1906. It was a dog that aroused a lot of interest among dog lovers and frequently participated in dog shows. Its heyday was recorded in the 1870s, around London and Birmingham. The causes of its decline have been several; the main factor was the fact of not often being able to obtain the pure white color required by the breed standard. Another factor was the edict issued in 1898, which imposed an absolute ban on cutting ears in all breeds, many people directed their preferences towards the "Bull Terrier".

General aspect

Terrier below average size. It has a completely white coat with short and smooth hair, very compact, with a noble and elegant bearing. Very strong and solid. Its structure is harmonious and very well proportioned. Perfect relationships between head, body and limbs. Sturdy tendons and hard, well-sculpted musculature. Naturally hanging ears, carried erect if cut. Elongated muzzle. Fairly large skull. Always black truffle. Typically pure white coat. Very tapered tail. Dark eyes. Hocks sufficiently angled. Strong jaws. Perfect and strong teeth. White teeth. Solid and never saddled back line. Smart look.


Strong temperament. Very resistant and impressive agility. Always on the move and attentive. It is a breed that needs to be outdoors as much as possible. His expression is very serious and intelligent. He can be very sweet. Behavior very similar to the "Bull Terrier".

English White Terrier (drawing by Federico Vinattieri


After being used in the formation of several breeds, it was officially recognized as a breed, with a Standard. Later the breed disappeared completely and was therefore eliminated from the registers of the International Cynological Federation.

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