Pig breeds: Tamworth

Pig breeds: Tamworth

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

It is the oldest British breed and among the oldest in the world. Medium-large size pig exported to many countries. Very suitable for wild life, it is able to find support even in difficult environments.
In the past it was considered a prolific breed, when parts of 12/16 piglets were common, today fewer.
Tireless digger thanks to his long and straight muzzle. Easy to escape even from well-made fences. It is individualistic and particularly intelligent. Due to their demanding nature, boars are sometimes problematic to manage. It produces lean and excellent quality meat even if the growth is not rapid. Sturdy and resistant to outdoor life.

Morphological characteristics

Brown in color with different shades. The skin is uniformly pink.
The head is elongated with a tight, straight snout.

Tamworth sow (photo Alessio Zanon)

Tamworth breed (photo

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