Breeds of chickens: Moroccan chicken Beldi

Breeds of chickens: Moroccan chicken Beldi

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Bred in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
Medium in size, very rustic and skilled in finding food.

It is an autochthonous breed of the Moroccan territory, surely it is the result of crossbreeding of Mediterranean chickens, bred for a triple attitude: It has excellent laying skills from 230 to 260 annual eggs. It is also bred for its lean and tasty meat; the weight ranges from 2 kg for the hen and 2.8 kg for the rooster. It is also highly appreciated for its hatching behavior (2/3 times a year).

Production: 230/260 pinkish, almost white annual eggs, weighing about 55 grams, The hen hatches from 11 to 16 eggs depending on its size.

Morphological characteristics

Many colors; the most common ones are gold neck, silver neck, black, white, flecked, barred, millefiori. The most common is the wheat coloring.

The Moroccan chicken (Beldi) is characterized by a tall and proud bearing that reminds a lot of Livornese; it is a Mediterranean chicken characterized by a thick and bright plumage, the hen's crest is simple and little developed, while in the gall it is simple but well developed; in some female specimens it is possible to see a tuft of feathers on the head like that of the Legbar; the hens characterized by the tuft are mostly white.
The tarsi are yellow, the skin is white and the wings are very wide to allow the chicken to fly.

Chicken weight: 2kg
Roosters weight: 2,80 kg

Rooster: 18 mm
Hen: mm 16

Serious defects: crest too developed in the hen, crest folded in the rooster, lack of size, poor production, too low growth habit, short tail, dark eggs.

The Beldi is a breed not difficult to breed, but if you want to try this breed you have to make sure that you have a lot of pasture and a fence of at least 3 meters, in fact the structure of the Beldi is suitable for flight; 6/7 months young specimens are difficult to manage due to their flight capacity.

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Moroccan chicken

Young specimen of chicken with tuft

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