Sfilzi State Natural Reserve - Puglia

Sfilzi State Natural Reserve - Puglia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Integral and Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with DD.MM. 07/26/1971 and 02/03/1977; is included in the Gargano National Park.
Puglia region
Province: Foggia

The Sfilzi State Natural Reserve occupies an area of ​​56 hectares of mixed forest with a prevalence of beech and Turkey oak, in the province of Foggia, along the slopes of the Carpinosa valley.

Sfilzi State Natural Reserve (photo


The arboreal vegetation is made up of beech and Turkey oak; other associated species are the Acer opalus subsp. obtusatum, lacero campestre, hornbeam, carpinella, oak, holm oak, linden, field elm, rowan, wild apple tree, laurel, arbutus, terebinth. To these species are added many shrubs and herbaceous species that make the undergrowth very rich. In the numerous small lateral valleys exposed to the south there are stretches of Mediterranean scrub. The Sfilzi fountain is the only perennial source of the Gargano Promontory.
The sedentary fauna is represented by the roe deer, wild boar, badger, fox, wild cat, marten, dormouse, wood pigeon, owl, tawny owl, blackbird, and others, as well as various species of migratory birds.

Information for the visit

Umbra Forest Village
71030 Vico del Gargano (FG)

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