Pratorondanino Botanical Garden - Liguria

Pratorondanino Botanical Garden - Liguria

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Provincial Protected Area; established with resolution of the Regional Council n. 33 of 13.10.1998
Region: Liguria
Province: Genoa

The Pratorondanino Botanical Garden occupies an area of ​​0.6 hectares, in Pratorondanino in the municipality of Campo Ligure (GE), at an altitude of 750 m. It was established with the aim of conserving, studying and spreading knowledge on alpine and Apennine flora.

Pratorondanino Botanical Garden (photo Roberto Narducci)


Since 1979 the Ligurian Amateurs Orchids Group (GLAO) has studied the acclimatization of alpine, Apennine and mountain flora in general in this botanical garden, with particular attention to the Ligurian one. Thanks to the reconstruction of different types of rocky habitats, it has been possible to host, together with species local and exotic floristic plants, including some endemisms, even several species belonging to the minor fauna, thus increasing the scientific and didactic interest of the complex.
Three rocky habitats (limestone, siliceous and serpentine) have been created in the garden, as well as a pond that hosts the aquatic and insectivorous species of the marsh areas.

Pratorondanino Botanical Garden (photo Roberto Narducci)

Information for the visit

Ligurian Association of Orchid Amateurs (G.L.A.O.)
Via Monte Oliveto, 8/12
16155 Genoa
Tel. 0106988624

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