Mushrooms: Suillus granulatus

Mushrooms: Suillus granulatus

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Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Suillus granulatus (L .: Fr.) Kuntze
Synonym: Boletus circinatus - Boletus granulatus
Vulgar names: Boleto granuloso - Pinuzzo - Pinarello - Pinarolo

Morphological characteristics

Hat: up to 14 cm, fleshy, first rounded then open, smooth surface, slimy especially if moist; separable cuticle, very variable brown color; margin first involved then straight.
tubules: short, closely annexed, yellow.
Pori: small, light yellow dun tending to
darken, secreting drops of a whitish latex.
Stem: up to 10 cm; yellow, sprinkled with evident brown grains from which the specific name derives; cylindrical.
Meat: consistent only when the mushroom is very young, while with age it tends to become mushy especially in the hat and to soak with water; very light yellow, tending to darken; sweet taste.
spore: brown-ocher in bulk.

Suillus granulatus(photo Mariangela Napoli and Mario Dollo

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
It is found in pine forests.
Good edible. It is advisable to remove the viscous cuticle of the hat before using it as an edible (due to the strong presence of tannin in the cuticle itself which makes it difficult to digest). Boletus (Suillus) luteus, also good edible, which has a wide membranous and viscous ring, whitish with violet or brownish shades.

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